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We help turn redundant tasks and scattered information into strategic work and organized data in order to maximize your business’s efficiency and capabilities.

Our Mission

Our founder, Sandy Britt, owned and operated Southpaw Screen Printing & Embroidery for 21 years, learning the ins and outs of both the screen printing industry and small business management. In that time, it became painfully clear that much of managing a company was hard work but not necessarily smart work. Managing paper tickets, paper quotes, tasks and materials were all things that should be done in one place and organized to work together.

Before long Sandy set about building a software system that would remove unnecessary headaches, improve efficiency and ultimately make managing her business fun!

Now updated and used by a variety of companies as Streamline Software,  her mission is to help small business owners, like herself, move away from a paper ticket system and/or improve their existing software in order to maximize their efficiency and capabilities.

Streamline Software Features

Streamline Software was created specifically to digitize and streamline (see what we did there) the screen printing & embroidery industry. But its variety of management and tracking features are applicable for almost any business that requires taking orders and producing a product through an in-house process. Digitally integrate to work smarter and not harder with features that include:


Robust reporting across your tasks and orders for better management and tracking.

Order Tracking

Every detail of every order that you ever take, will all be found in one place, and literally at your fingertips.  

Task / Team Management

Your staff members will all have login capabilities that assists in keeping track of their daily tasks.   

Inventory Management

A system that keeps track of your materials and orders allows for easy purchasing and forecasting.

Generate Orders

Every quote you will ever generate will be available to you so that you can follow-up or use it as a reference to aid you in turning them into real orders.


Streamline integrates into QuickBooks and Xero accounting software.

Streamline Services

Streamline Software can work with you to provide the right digital platform for your business needs or help you optimize your current system for maximum results. 

Streamline Software

Streamline Software is a web-based, cloud management system we break into three costs. Training tools are included.

  • One time set up and license agreement – $995
  • Per month hosting and service agreement – $75
  • Additional users for access – $15

Additional Consulting

Streamline Consulting works with you to strategically optimize your current systems, or implementation and utilization of Streamline Software.

  • Remote Consulting (minimum of 1 hour) – $50/hour
  • Onsite Consulting (6-8 hour days) – $600/day plus travel expenses:  hotel cost, + $25/hour travel time. Then, .50 per mile for driving to destination OR cost of airline ticket for flying

Who We Are

When Sandy Britt started her own screen printing & embroidery business in 1997, she had no idea that it would grow so large, so quickly.  As most small shop owners do, she took her orders on triplicate paper tickets.  She gave a copy to the customer, one to the Art Dept., and one for herself to follow throughout the shop.  She quickly realized that this manual system was dated, and not going to cut it!  She searched and searched for software to run her business with, but nothing worthwhile was out there for this industry. 

In 2007, her company grossed $750k with manual tickets.  Keeping up with all of the orders became unbearable and almost impossible to follow.  In 2008, she hired a software developer to write a custom program designed specifically for her shop.  It took a year of trial and error, but the hard work paid off, literally.  In 2009, Streamline Software was launched!  That system helped shoot the sales through the roof!  Each year showed steady growth and in 2017, it grew to a whopping $2.5 million!  That’s when she knew she had something special. 

Since then, she has sold her screen printing & embroidery business and is now working on Streamline Software as a full-time project. Her goal is to help small shops take control over their processes, orders, and employees’ daily tasks. Once you put Streamline Software into play, you can sit back and enjoy reaping the benefits of your work. Sandy is a firm believer in “work smarter, not harder” so that you can enjoy your everyday life. She would love to see other small business owners repeat the cycle that she has already completed so that they too can experience great success! When you implement Streamline Software, it will take you to heights that you never thought were possible….!!!

Sandy Britt

Founder & CEO

IT / Development

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